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Our Vision, Mission and Values


In 2012, Carlin Trend Mining enhanced its Mission, Vision and Values to provide clarity and help us successfully grow our business:

Vision: We strive to be the most valued and respected mining company through industry leading performance.

Mission: We will build a sustainable mining business that delivers top quartile shareholder returns while leading in safety, environmental stewardship and social responsibility.


  • Act with integrity, trust and respect.

  • Reward creativity, a determination to excel and a commitment to action.

  • Demonstrate leadership in safety, stewardship of the environment and social responsibility.

  • Develop our people in pursuit of excellence.

  • Insist on and demonstrate teamwork, as well as honest and transparent communication.

  • Promote positive change by encouraging innovation and applying agreed upon practices.


2082 Michelson Drive
Ste 100
Irvine, CA 92612
640 Acres in Eureka County Nevada "Home of the Carlin Trend"


Danny M. Katzka is CEO/President of our Company. He is also President of Rising Energy Systems Corp which is a majority interest Member in our Company. Mr. Katzka is not only experienced in business start-ups as well as initial public offerings, but has also been active in professional exploration and mine development geology over 20 years in junior exploration companies.  In his early years, Mr. Katzka held various capacities of increasing importance and responsibility within such companies as Air Wisconsin/United Express Airlines, Direct Airlines and Capitol Airlines. Beginning in Customer Service, he quickly advanced to Vice-President of Marketing/Sales and Customer Service. He was later a major investor, part owner and Senior Vice President of Administration with the responsibility for day to day operations and a key partner in taking public the company of Capitol Airlines.


Dang Nguyen,CGO, B.A, M.A, is a geologist engaged in mineral exploration for 40 years. He has held senior exploration positions with major companies, and since 1994 has worked as a consulting geologist. Mr. Nguyen has a proven track record in all phases of mineral exploration. Mr. Nguyen was the former President and CEO of Terra Minerals Corporation, and played an instrumental role in assembling the Terra Nevada property package that Carlin Trend Mining acquired.


Thomas Martin, COO, is a professional engineer with over three decades of international project and business experience, predominately in Vietnam, Southeast Asia and the Indian Sub-Continent. He was the president of another Nevada-based land resource and environmental consulting company and also he was a partner in the acquisition and syndication of a large residential real estate portfolio in Cambodia. Over the past decade, he has served as an officer and director of several junior resource exploration and development companies, including Rising Energy Systems and Vung Tau Energy Ltd. where he was the CFO. Mr. Martin has participated in post-earthquake rebuilding in India, Pakistan and Haiti with several non-profit organizations.


Robert Pushpa, CFO, is an accountant with over 25 years of corporate management experience. For the past 15 years he has worked in various executive capacities in mineral exploration, public company administration, and merchant banking.  Over Mr. Pushpa's 25 years of accounting experience he has been a key part in the merger, IPO or going public in several different World markets with over 20 different companies.

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