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Our Vision, Mission and Values


In 2012, Carlin Trend Mining enhanced its Mission, Vision and Values to provide clarity and help us successfully grow our business:

Vision: We strive to be the most valued and respected mining company through industry leading performance.

Mission: We will build a sustainable mining business that delivers top quartile shareholder returns while leading in safety, environmental stewardship and social responsibility.


  • Act with integrity, trust and respect.

  • Reward creativity, a determination to excel and a commitment to action.

  • Demonstrate leadership in safety, stewardship of the environment and social responsibility.

  • Develop our people in pursuit of excellence.

  • Insist on and demonstrate teamwork, as well as honest and transparent communication.

  • Promote positive change by encouraging innovation and applying agreed upon practices.

2082 Michelson Drive
Ste 100
Irvine, CA 92612
640 Acres in Eureka County Nevada "Home of the Carlin Trend"


Carlin Trend Mining LLC is a California based exploration company with property in Northern Nevada focused on Carlin-type gold.   There are numerous sources that estimate the amount of gold contained in the resource, and depending on who you chose to believe, the trend may contain up to 180 million ounces of gold.


The Carlin Trend is where over 82% of the gold in America was produced last year. The United States ranks 3rd on the list of top producing Gold Countries in the World at 230 tons, China ranks number 1 at 403 tons, and Australia ranks second at 250 tons. 


The Carlin Gold trend is a belt of gold deposits, primarily in Paleozoic limy sediments, that are about 5 miles wide and 50 miles long. Carlin-style deposits are found around the world. The Carlin Trend in northeastern Nevada was formed when a tectonic crustal block collided with the North American Plate. The pressure and temperature associated with the collision produced hot springs along the suture zone (area of contact between the two plates). Hot springs formed along the suture zone bringing dissolved minerals towards the surface.  These minerals, primarily silver and gold in the case of the Carlin Trend, precipitated along the fissures and faults in the rock. Several episodes of subsurface magmatism occurred subsequent to the collision, adding to the amount of mineral deposition. 


Carlin-type deposits have what geologists call “disseminated gold,” which is just a fancy way of saying “spread throughout.”   This type of gold deposit is very low grade.  It generally takes a microscope to see the gold in these types of deposits, which explains why it was overlooked by the early prospectors.  The grade may be low in these deposits, but what they lack in grade they make up for in volume. After the value of these deposits came to the forefront, geologists around the world starting hunting down Carlin- type deposits.  The Carlin trend taught the world that “low grade deposits are still quite mineable.” 


Exploration is ongoing in Nevada with the Cortez Trend now being rumored to hold the same amount of gold as the Carlin.  This is good news, as the world needs as many explorers out there as possible because to satisfy our hunger for gold, every year we need to find the equivalence of a Carlin Trend.


The company holds 640 acres located in the heart of the Carlin Trend in Eureka County northern Nevada.  The preliminarily review of the 640 acre project located adjacent to Newmont Mining’s Gold Quarry, roughly 37 miles North West of Elko, Nevada, on the Carlin Trend as to the current valuation and potential volumes of recoverable gold and silver reserves “In-Ground” and currently “In-Place” shows the project when taking into consideration over 40 years of relevant samples based testing results and current RC Drilling programs within the testing areas.  The collected data produced mineralized contents of approximately 5.75M .oz’s of gold and 1.6M troy .oz’s of silver.  These “in-ground” asset reserves are based on the current pricing average of gold at $1,200 per .oz and silver at $20 per troy .oz, for a total current value of the “In-Ground Reserves” on project #NS-RES640 valued at a total of $7 Billion respectively.


Based upon the preminary review of the site samples that were collected there in a group being held by the owner of the mineral rights which will be released upon purchase completion.   Detailed targeting is guided by on-site XRF analytical information followed by lab analysis.  Significant gold values have been encountered in the initial coverage and several target areas are at the drill hole target evaluation stage.

Drill targets have been defined by gravity and mercury-gas geochemistry.  Drill permitting will be initiated in Q1 2014.

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